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Blog: The End

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The End

To anyone still reading this,

It's been fun to document my life by making drawings of memorable moments. It was a hobby I was always proud of and that I've received a lot of positive feedback for. Lately however, despite the abundance of new fun and memorable moments in my life, I've felt a great lack of motivation to carry on with this tradition. It seems the guy who used to draw these pictures has gone missing and is no longer a part of me. When, where or why, I do not really know. I've been hoping he'd come back, but so far that has proven to be not the case. So I believe it is best that I relief myself of this false hope and officially declare this whole Blog a thing of my past and free myself of the nagging "Hey, I should draw a picture of this!" feeling of guilt.

A day may come where I might pick up my graphic tablet again. A day may come where I might want to share an experience with the world through ink and colours. But it is not this day.

Thank you all for reading.

"And so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written."